Captain T.N.Pranesha, I.N. (Retd) was born on 21st September 1947 at Bangalore. After schooling & Pre University at Shimoga, Karnataka, he joined Engineering and completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (BE) from National College of Engineering, University of Mysore in early 1969. He was commissioned in Indian Navy after his post graduate studies at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore during December 1970.

During his tenure in Navy, apart from serving on various Warships in different capacities has done a long tenure at LRDE, Bangalore and there after headed the Naval EMC group. While in Navy he did tenure in USA, in the capacity of Chief Engineer of EMI / EMC consultancy program which has resulted in setting up of EMI /EMC facilities and amalgamation of EMI / EMC processes in the main stream Navy to support all their operations. 

Besides, he has done MSc (Defense studies) from DSSC Wellington, Higher Command Course from Naval College of Warfare and a Short program on R & D Management from University of Manchester, UK.

He served in Navy for about 23 years and took pre-matured retirement to join Central Research Laboratory of BEL in 1994 where he served for over 6 years. There after he had been with two technologies startup companies driving successful cutting edge technology development programs. He joined Alpha Design Technologies in 2006 and heading the developmental projects group there in. He is currently serving as an Executive Director in Alpha Design Technologies, where he is driving the NCW projects & programs.

Currently, he is steering SDR, IFF and Missile Seeker programs at ADTL.